Can I perform airdrop farming on multiple chains and different strategies?

🤖 Yes, you can even do it in the most optimal way thanks to our AI.

Can I use AutoAir AI on mobile devices?

🤖 Yes, you can use the bot on both Desktop and Mobile devices.

Does AutoAir AI require importing a private key?

🤖 No, AutoAir AI bot will never ask for your private key.

How do I earn real yield and points from AutoAir AI?

🤖 Stake $AAI and relax.

Is there a lock-up time when I unstake tokens?

🤖 No, you can unstake at any time. However, your points will be burned.

How do I claim airdrop tokens that I am eligible for using AutoAir AI?

🤖 You can claim your airdrop using the bot command. If you are using the Free Service, 20% of your total airdrop will be automatically deducted when you request a withdrawal. If you are a Premium Service user, you need to pay the service fee from the day your eligible wallet starts using bot service.

Are there any requirements when withdrawing funds from the airdrop wallet?

🤖 There are no requirements when you want to withdraw funds from the wallet. However, you need to pay the full fee to be eligible.

How can I get my private key?

🤖 You can get your private key when you subscribe to the Premium Service.

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