How to use AutoAir AI?

Step 1: Getting Started

  • Start chatting with @AutoAirBot.

  • Use the /Start command to begin.

  • Carefully read the disclaimer about potential risks.

  • Select "Accept" to proceed.

  • Choose the network you want to farm airdrops on, such as "zkSync Era" and start your farming journey.

Step 2: Set Up Wallets

  • Select "Setup Wallets" to create airdrop wallets.

  • Transfer funds to the provided addresses.

  • Create more wallets by selecting "Add Wallet".

  • Tracking real-time balance, select "Refresh Balance".

  • Select "Referral" to get your referral link. The more people you invite to use AutoAir AI, the more rewards you will receive.

Step 3: Start Farming

  • Select "Farming Strategies" > "Normal Farming” or “AI Farming”.

  • Set up your preferred strategies.

  • “Confirm” and “Run Strategies”

  • Relax

Step 4: Tracking Your Performance

  • After confirming and running the strategy, the bot will notify you of the executed orders along with the transaction hash for the most intuitive tracking experience.

  • To view overall performance, select "Farming Stats" to access the real-time tracking dashboard.

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